Property Investment Accountants near Burnley

Foresight Accounting is a national accounting firm with offices in Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane that offer accounting services for property investors & property portfolio management near Burnley.

We have a large client base of property investors. Also, Lawrie Carrozza is a property investor with a background of family builders. Our property advisory services can provide invaluable advice when it comes to;

  1. What entity to buy your property under & the tax and asset protection implications of each
  2. How to effectively set up your family property trust
  3. Creating positive cash flow from your portfolio
  4. Maximising your depreciation deductionsProperty Investment Accountant Burnley, 3121
  5. Assisting you with sourcing a used property utilising our property arm
  6. Assisting you with sub division options utilising our property arm
  7. Assisting with renovating a property utilising our property arm
  8. Assisting with building houses, townhouses or a block of apartments utilising our property arm
  9. Assist you in sourcing high quality cost effective new property in diverse locations utilising our property arm
  10. Provide unbiased advice on all your property investment options
  11. Provide you advice with tax implication of investing in a project including capital gains, income tax and GST implications
  12. Land tax advice and how to avoid it
  13. Advice with sourcing investment properties in different states
  14. Finance strategies for tax deductions.


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